Photo Challenge: Updated Daily


Here’s a picture of my grad cap that I painted in 2017. It features a quote from one of my favorite books, can you guess which one?

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Although I took these pictures over this past summer, I thought they’d be worth sharing for this photo challenge. I just edited them to make the colors a little prettier but they were all taken over my trip to Paris. I made it my mission while I was there to visit a bookstore every day. I didn’t get to take pictures in all of them, but I loved seeing just how universal literature is.


I love Christmas shopping at my local indie bookstore!


Just a few of the books that I brought with me to school. These are mostly TBR (to be read) books with the exception of “Kingdom of Ash.” If you look closely, you’ll see many of them are galleys, or books that haven’t been released yet. I work at an indie bookstore, so we receive lots of YA books that aren’t out yet.


My bookshelf!




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